Comparative Analysis of Open-Source Tools for Conducting Static Code Analysis


The increasing complexity of web applications and systems, driven by ongoing digitalization, has made software security testing a necessary and critical activity in the software development lifecycle. This article compares the performance of open-source tools for conducting static code analysis for security purposes. Eleven different tools were evaluated in this study, scanning 16 vulnerable web applications. The selected vulnerable web applications were chosen for having the best possible documentation regarding their security vulnerabilities for obtaining reliable results. In reality, the static code analysis tools used in this paper can also be applied to other types of applications, such as embedded systems. Based on the results obtained and the conducted analysis, recommendations for the use of these types of solutions were proposed, to achieve the best possible results. The analysis of the tested tools revealed that there is no perfect tool. For example, Semgrep performed better considering applications developed using JavaScript technology but had worse results regarding applications developed using PHP technology.